Sex & yeast infection – Why yeast infection Just Loves Sex!

Yes, candida albicans love sex. In other words sex is preferred among the main reason for your candidiasis, the Candidiasis flora. The thing is, sexual activity and dental sex supply the ideal possibilities for that flora to become transferred in one person to another. For this reason a lot of people complain about getting infections after sex. And here’s the main reason…

The Candida fungus which resides within your body quite naturally, loves the nice and cozy, moist the nooks and crannies particularly, e.g. the vagina, mouth, anus, penis, etc. However your friendly bacteria seems to keep your figures lower to healthy levels, so the flora can’t overgrow. Regrettably, you will find occasions once the good bacteria figures are less than they must be, and also the Candida overgrows, causing candida albicans.

Now, you aren’t contamination that has sex, can transfer it to another partner since the conditions around the sexual organs favor its growth. Even worse, lots of men do not show any signs and symptoms whatsoever, to ensure that both of you could be oblivious towards the risk.

Usual prescribed or OTC treatment using anti-yeast drugs can obvious in the signs and symptoms fairly rapidly. But, they normally address the signs and symptoms, and not the real cause, or any underlying conditions for example decreased immunity, antibiotics overuse, poor diet, sex with candidiasis, etc. These a few of the numerous stuff that modify the good bacteria which help trigger candida albicans.

You can observe that sex is really a factor. So if you wish to continue sex, candidiasis must be completely removed up first. But mainstream treatment can’t be certain that may happen.

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