How Long Should You Book an Escort For?

Interesting question – how long should you book an escort for and a difficult question to answer are there are so many different opportunities available to a guy that wants to book the services of an escort.

Many people think that guys book escorts for one reason alone and this isn’t the case, usually an outcall escort who visits him in his hotel bedroom for a quick session of potential relief. But the reality can be different, even though this is available if it is what the guy wants.

Consider though the other possibilities. Most escorts are absolutely stunning ladies. Blondes or brunettes, perfect figures, looks to die for and impeccably presented. Who wouldn’t want to prolong their experience with a lady of this style and quality.

The reality is that many men do not book escorts on a regular basis so when they do why not make a night of it and have some proper fun that you will both enjoy and remember for many years to come.

Why are you booking your escort?

Some guys have very specific ideas about what they want to do with their escort when they meet. They may have booked a BDSM escort for some light bondage play and restraint. That’s great but it’s going to take more than ten minutes right.

Imagine how you would feel if you were both starting to get into the swing of things as it were then she explained sadly that she was going to have to leave in a few minutes.

Escorts have other guys to date and do not offer a pay as you go service so you have to make a decision as to how long you are going to want the date to last.

Another issue that many guys overlook is just how quickly the time seems to pass when you are with an escort. After all it’s not like gardening or washing the car.

It is a high sexually charged experience and by the time a lot of guys have said hello, had a quick drink to relax both parties and made a tentative move towards a little fun then the date is almost over.

Booking escorts that offer specialist services such as uniforms or WS escorts will certainly need a little time so again don’t skimp on your booking and be left disappointed when your precious time runs out. Talk about a passion killer eh.

For an unhurried and relaxing date with a high-class escort you can easily be looking at a couple of hours for a relaxed experience that you will both enjoy as well as ensuring that you get everything that you want from the date.

As we said earlier, it’s not something that you are doing every day so you may as well maximise the opportunity and do it properly. This gives you chance to get to know your escort a little also, which certainly enhances the entire experience.

Some escorts such as the ones found at will offer what are known as quickies. Effectively a 15- or 30-minute slot where you can quickly meet and do your stuff. This may suit some guys but it is hardly an experience is it – more one of relief that you may be better off giving yourself.

How can you possibly get to see and enjoy the delights of a stunning young – or mature escort in just 15 minutes? Perhaps stop also to think about your escort for a moment too. She may well be looking forward to meeting you and having a little fun.

How can a 15 minute in, out, shake it all about impress her at all? She won’t be. She had maybe thought about giving you a sexy striptease show in the privacy of your hotel bedroom – she would need to do this on fast forward to give you a real chance of even seeing anything.

You only live once and don’t often book an escort so if you are going to go to the trouble of browsing a high-class escort agency website and selecting a stunning escort for the evening then why not do it properly. Great fun and great value for money.

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